mascoMike-03 Hey Guys!

This is just a quick example of how easy it is to start a blog or website using WordPress.

I am using a very simple Personal Blog theme but there are thousands to choose from.

I only spent 20 minutes putting this site together but as you can see it has many cool features.

This is the Home page and I am using a Free theme from the WordPress repository which you access right from your WordPress dashboard.

There are thousands of WordPress Themes to choose from and they are completely customizable.

There are also thousands of WordPress plugins ( more on what plugins are later in My Tutorial )which help you increase the functionality and appearance of your blog or website.

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Below are a few Sample Websites I put together. They are fully customizable themes using a plugin that I will teach you about in my WordPress Academy.  

All the content and images for the theme are pre-populated and you can Drag and Drop elements into different positions.

The Samples below are full blown WordPress websites that are very easy to create. I can teach you how to create websites just like these once you choose your domain and have WordPress installed.


Check them out!


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It only took me a few seconds to drop this Contact Form in below. Remember I am just quickly showing you how easy it is to implement these technologies on your blog.

Note: The Contact Form below is not configured so no need to click the SUBMIT button

If you are ready to learn how to make money blogging then head back over to my step-by-step guide so we can get started!

See the Social Sharing icons below? It’s super fun and easy to add social media to your blog!